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TV, Interrupted: How to win at Connected TV

The internet is on TV. Congratulations, everyone – we’re living in the future. Alas, the future has also brought its challenges. Connected TV media buyers are wading through platform fragmentation, measurement and privacy regulations.

It’s always something: Content Marketing in 2024

Remember when the biggest obstacle in the way of creating branded content was not enough time or people to create it? With ChatGPT and Bard, resources aren’t (necessarily) the number-one problem anymore. Now marketers are grappling with quality, consistency and copyright concerns.

Creating Great AI-Powered Customer Experiences

We're diving back into the world of generative AI, but with a twist. We're putting the customer at the center of the conversation. How can AI not only streamline marketing processes but also elevate the overall experience for our customers?

TikTok-Worthy Creative: A(nother) Chat with Neil Cameron
Neil Cameron, Head of Agency Partnerships, is back to talk about how to create content for the TikTok. This isn’t an episode about tips and tricks for going viral. It’s performance-tested advice for showing up to the platform in ways that audiences expect and, more importantly, enjoy.
Are your campaigns making promises to your customers? They should.
Do you struggle with getting buy-in when it comes to building your brand? Want to learn more effective brand building strategies? Then you’ll want to watch this Humanology on Air.
Marketing News Round-Up
Before summer begins and we take a little break, Josiah and Jeeves want to round up some of the biggest marketing news and give you the Jan Kelley perspective on it. Yep, it’s a light episode. But it’ll be fun and informative, and we hope you can join us.
Fresh Ideas for Overcoming Old Marketing Roadblocks
If you’re in marketing, you know what it’s like to sell through a big idea, only to have it rejected. You know what it’s like to need more time, more budget and more buy-in. It’s all part of the gig. The question is what to do when these barriers come up.
How to work with influencers and content creators
More brands are working with social influencers, brand ambassadors and content creators to spread their messages to new audiences. So let’s talk about how that works. We’ve invited Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, DIY content creator, along with our communications leaders, Jen Candlish and Natalie Gorjup, to come and explain it to us.
Top 5 Digital Experience Trends in 2023
Dive into the world of chatbots, personalization, transparency, virtual and immersive experiences, and omnichannel strategies. Join our Director of Digital Experience Andy Patrick as he digs into: what the trends entail, our take on their importance for brands; and how to execute them well.

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